Editing matters.

Purpose matters.

Audience matters.

Channel matters.

So much more than adding punctuation or correcting grammar goes into copy editing. It’s a nuanced, multi-faceted undertaking. Good editing is Cobo’s passion.

A lot of experience and education rounds out my approach to editing. I’ve trained in writing and editing for print and online, and I’ve studied and worked in public relations, communications, and marketing.

Since 2010, I’ve copy edited and/or formatted 13 books, seven of which are 4- or 5-star books on Amazon. I’ve edited 90+ theses, dissertations, and graduate papers in the APA style; six training and procedural manuals; and countless organizational reports and PowerPoint presentations. I’ve copy edited and proofed one 160-page and four 80-page magazines with a global reach and have written and self-edited over 100 articles. I have taught several workshops in editing and The Canadian Style for the Society of Translators and Interpreters of BC (STIBC).

Nonfiction Editing

Editors and writers work together to ensure logic and flow, clarity, consistency, and compelling arguments and messages.

I advise on plain language and plain design, where appropriate, to help you reduce redundancy and wordiness and to crystallize your intent.

Together, we get clear on your OMA (objectives, message, audience) to clarify your writing.  

Reports, procedure manuals, magazine articles, memoir manuscripts, and style guide development​. Confidentiality and ethical editing.


First Nations and Indigenous Topics
Biocultural Diversity  |  ethnobotany, anthropology, endangered languages

Nature  |  conservation, species at risk, wildlife, climate change
Food  |  organic, food security, gardening/farming, food products
Health  |  psychology, baby health, yoga therapy, prostate health, diet

Fiction Editing

Manuscript evaluation includes consideration of the elements of a novel: character, dialogue, plot, setting, and structure and flow.

Other factors that I discuss with writers include believability, understandability, relatability, relevance, and age and subject appropriateness. Potential legal issues are also considered.

Developmental recommendations. Stylistic and copy editing. Style guide development. Document formatting. Consultations about self-publishing.


Young Adult Fiction

Academic Editing

Not only do I make your job easier, but I also make your supervisor’s job easier. ​Instead of learning APA on your tight schedule, ​hire me. I know the entire APA 7 manual like the back of my hand.

At my indications, you’ll iron out the wrinkles and blaze through the review process. I guarantee my work: if needed post-review, I tweak the APA formatting and any consistency issues.

Drastically ​reduce your stress. Experience greater motivation when working with small editing deadlines. Get a clean and foolproof paper that stands up to scrutiny and ​​improves your mark!

Theses and dissertations. Capstone projects. Journal articles. ​APA style.​ Confidentiality and ethical editing.


Psychology, Counselling, and Spirituality  ​|  St. Stephen’s College
Social Work  |  University of the Fraser Valley
Education  |  University of Lethbridge, Royal Roads University, McGill
Communications  |  Royal Roads University
Leadership  |  Royal Roads University
Business Administration   |  Royal Roads University
​Forestry and Social Impact Assessment   |  UBC
Environmental Sciences  |  Royal Roads University
Nursing  |  Sask Polytechnic Institute

Confidentiality and Ethics

  • Every aspect of your research, your content, and your project is kept in confidentiality. 
  • The only person with whom I discuss your writing is you.
  • No eyes other than mine will see your writing, unless you’ve agreed that I may employ my assistant’s help.
  • Your writing will not be reproduced nor used for any other purposes.

Graduate students and their supervisors should know that I follow the Editors’ Association of Canada’s guidelines for ethical editing of theses and dissertations. Read more

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